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Here at Multimesh UK, we manufacture bespoke din baskets, medical disinfection baskets. In addition we supply medical instrument sterilisation trays for a variety of uses.

With over 30 years experience in the production of wire mesh, we can meet your din baskets and instrument sterilisation tray needs. We are a manufacturer of stainless steel medical mesh products. These include din baskets, medical disinfection baskets and instrument sterilisation trays. Similarly, our wide range of sterilisation trays and baskets is endless. In summary, you’re sure to find the right basket for your sterilisation needs. We create re-usable din baskets and medical instrument sterilisation trays. In addition, we ensure excellent drainage which is perfect for reliable decontamination. Also, our din baskets are produced to fit any machine. Similarly, they are manufactured using high grade stainless steel wire or perforated metal. In addition, we supply din baskets and medical instrument sterilisation trays to the NHS and private sector hospitals.

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Mesh Baskets

All our mesh baskets are electro polished, free of rough edges and have a smooth finish. In addition, user comfort is provided thanks to low weight construction. Also, the stainless steel wire baskets are used for the storage and sterilisation of medical instrument trays. The stackable, nesting sterilisation baskets are manufactured with either a single rim, or double upper rim for extra stability. Medical instrument sterilisation trays and baskets are suitable for steam or dry sterilisation.

ISO 9001-2015 certification

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The range of products we design and manufacture includes:

  • Din baskets
  • Instrument trays
  • Lids
  • Laboratory receptacles
  • Trolleys
  • Specialist customised products

Above all, all products are rigorously polished, cleaned and inspected before dispatch.

All of our products are Grade 304/316 stainless steel guaranteed for absolute peace of mind.

Din Baskets

Double Din Baskets

Din baskets that are Suitable for various instruments i.e. forceps/scissors etc. Close-meshed side walls to prevent breakage of fine instrument tips. Smooth surfaces for preventing damage to surgical gloves. Lids offered for special protection of fine instruments (Micro, ENT) during processing, transportation and storage.

Half Din Baskets

Din baskets are very useful and versatile; produced in either wire mesh, perforated metal or a combination of both. The din basket shown is 480 mm (W) x 250 mm (L) x 80 mm (H), similarly available at 60mm (H).

Standard Din Baskets

These din baskets are manufactured to required measurements, created in welded or woven wire mesh/perforated metal or both.

Medical Baskets and Trays

Flat Base Medical Baskets

The possibilities for this style of basket are endless.


Medical Trolleys

Open trolleys and lockable trolleys come fully assembled. They are hand built to your specification in stainless steel.

Instrument Sterilisation Trays

Special Instrument Trays are ideal for scopes, micro instruments, small objects, mirrors/forceps/stainless steel apparatus, etc.

Tray Dividers

They come with fitted compartments or adjustable dividers. They are designed and developed to customers’ requirements. Therefore, they can be manufactured to fit any wash/ultrasonic/decontamination machine.

Trinket Baskets and Small Wire Baskets

Trinket baskets and small wire baskets hold small items, containing them during wash cycle and minimising movement. They are popular wire basket, produced using a very fine mesh. Bigger aperture will be created if required. Also, all baskets supplied with or without lids and catches. In addition, we have several options available to suit your needs. Finally, the baskets come supplied with various handle designs, including inner mounted drop handles.


MultiMesh have just completed a recent project for a disk holding tray for sterilisation. This bespoke tray was made from 4mm stainless steel wire and was for a sterile and contained transfer specialist for the pharmaceutical industry.

Multimesh UK specialise in the design and manufacture of custom made stainless steel wire sterilisation trays and baskets.


Multimesh UK recently completed a project for a cleaning basket developed to contain small parts when they are in the process of being cleaned. The design was in a chest of drawers style using 10 mesh 6mm handles and frames.

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H4 Medical Ltd have been working closely with Multimesh UK for the past two years. Multimesh make most types of medical baskets, trolleys and other mesh products, whilst also making them to our customer’s specific requirements. The staff are friendly, helpful and succeed in providing a quality service to us. Their flexibility on deliveries and collections is just one example of how they go above and beyond to provide this level of service. H4 Medical Ltd look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Multimesh UK
Mark Harris, Managing Director H4 Medical Ltd