Crimped Mesh | Decorative Mesh

Our mesh is made from high quality stainless steel wire or high tensile steel, it is created using various weaving methods including double crimped, intermediate crimped and lock crimped. Also the mesh has square opening and rectangle opening. In addition different wire diameters are available for the wide variety of applications it is used for.

Crimped woven wire mesh is suitable for many applications. These include grilles, radiator grills, balustrades, infill panels, facades, partitions and also ceiling panels. Additionally woven wire mesh can be used as protective screen for the stairs and equipment.

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Crimped Mesh
decorative mesh

Decorative Mesh

Crimped woven wire mesh is perfect when used as decorative mesh, as it’s made from wires formed into different patterns. In addition there is a wide selection of wire, hole size and backing mesh to choose from. Decorative mesh can also be woven in a variety of different ways. Therefore we can achieve many different decorative effects. Also wires of different profiles, materials and thicknesses can be woven together, the possibilities are endless.

Decorative mesh is particularly popular for architectural screening and in the interior and lighting design industries. However woven wire mesh is also used in interior design for decorative screens and panels where partial obscuration of the view is required whilst also allowing the free flow of air. Stainless steel is the strongest of the standard woven mesh materials used for decorative mesh.

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excelsior mesh

  • 3mm (10g) wire
    & 2.5mm (12g) wire
  • Open area can be from
    10mm – 100mm
  • High Tensile & Stainless
    Steel wire
imperial mesh

  • Lock Mesh
  • 2.5mm wire 10mm open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
kipping mesh

  • Hig h Tensile and Stainless
    Steel wire
  • 2.5mm wire (12g) 4.2 mm open area x 15.5 mm (L)
St. Paul
st-paul mesh

  • 2.5mm (12g) wire
    12.5mm open area
  • Stainless Steel Only
nevis mesh

  • Also known as Jag Mesh
  • 1.6mm wire (16g) 6.87mm open area - 1.8mm wire max (15g)
    6mm open area
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
St. Anthony
St. Anthony mesh

  • Same weave as our St James mesh but a lighter weight. The different weights on this particular weave alters the way the light reflects completely
  • 2mm wire (14g)
    1.6mm open area
  • Stainless Steel only
buxton mesh

  • Triple shoot slot 4.5mm open area 100mm (W) 2mm wire (14g)
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
lancashire mesh

  • 2mm Wire 14(g)
  • 21mm Slot (open area)
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
chequer mesh

  • Also known as MG Mesh
  • 2mm Wire
  • 11.75mm open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
St. James
st-james mesh

  • 2mm Wire 14(g)
  • 1.2mm open area
  • Stainless Steel only
cherwell mesh

  • Double crimped wire
    (also known as corrugated)
  • 3mm wire (10g) 16mm open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
sheephaven mesh

  • 5mm wire ( 5g)
  • 41mm Open area
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
comorant mesh

  • Lock Mesh
  • 1.8mm Wire 8mm Open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
embassy mesh

  • A plain weave in 2.5mm (12g)
    11.2 open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel