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Balustrade mesh infill panels from woven wire mesh. Multimesh have a wealth of experience manufacturing woven wire mesh intricate patterned mesh balustrade infill panels. As a result manufacture sunning decorative balustrades. In addition, the woven wire mesh is also used for bridge mesh infill panels, mesh infill panels for walkways, pedestrian bridges, motorway bridges and foot bridges.

Mesh Infill Panels

We design and supply a beautiful range of balustrade infill panels and mesh infill panels. Our infill panels are virtually maintenance free and eye catching designs that are versatile are produced in high strength stainless steel. They are manufactured from grades 316 or 304 stainless steel wire (high tensile is also available).

It’s an innovative, highly durable product and there are many exterior and interior design uses for woven wire mesh. As an example, balustrade infill panels are popular within architectural applications such as balconies and stairwells. They are also a good alternative to glass infill panels. Woven wire mesh is a low maintenance material, dirt and water cannot easily become trapped and panels are not covered in finger prints as can happen with glass infill panels. It’s a very clean looking, light catching product.

Balustrade mesh infill panels
balustrade infill panels

Multimesh offer bespoke mesh infill panels sizes. Therefore you are not limited to ‘off the shelf’ standard sized panels.

Mesh Infill Panels – Uses

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor use, commercial or domestic, we have a variety of stunning mesh infill panels to suit your requirements. Woven wire mesh can have a high open area, offering high visibility through it. Therefore it is excellent for public spaces. Examples include pedestrian bridges, walkways, and train or bus stations. It’s a great alternative to glass or perforated metal when a high strength ratio is required.

If it’s contemporary high-quality stainless steel balustrade or a mild steel colour coated option, we will have the solution.

  • A main contractor looking for a unique balustrade design
  • An architect looking for advice for your clients design
  • A sub-contractor looking to install a modern balustrade to your client’s new balcony extension

We can supply from one of the largest ranges manufactured in the UK and can help with small or large projects.

Please look around our website, if you do not see what you require please contact us on +44 (0)1744 820 666 wire provides many variable opportunities.


Bridge woven mesh infill panels with frames and mezzanine

Multimesh completed a project at Tottenham Hale Station, London for railway bridge infill panels from woven mesh with frames.


Railway bridge woven mesh infill panels with frames and mezzanine

Multimesh recently completed a project at Northumberland Station, London for railway bridge woven mesh infill panels with frames.

Examples of mesh options

excelsior mesh

  • 3mm (10g) wire
    & 2.5mm (12g) wire
  • Open area can be from
    10mm – 100mm
  • High Tensile & Stainless
    Steel wire
imperial mesh

  • Lock Mesh
  • 2.5mm wire 10mm open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
kipping mesh

  • High Tensile and Stainless
    Steel wire
  • 2.5mm wire (12g) 4.2mm open area x 15.5mm (L)
St. Paul
st-paul mesh

  • 2.5mm (12g) wire
    12.5mm open area
  • Stainless Steel Only
nevis mesh

  • Also known as Jag Mesh
  • 1.6mm wire (16g) 6.87mm open area - 1.8mm wire max (15g)
    6mm open area
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
St. Anthony
St. Anthony mesh

  • Same weave as our St James mesh but a lighter weight. The different weights on this particular weave alters the way the light reflects completely
  • 2mm wire (14g)
    1.6mm open area
  • Stainless Steel only
buxton mesh

  • Triple shoot slot 4.5mm open area 100mm (W) 2mm wire (14g)
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
lancashire mesh

  • 2mm Wire 14(g)
  • 21mm Slot (open area)
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
chequer mesh

  • Also known as MG Mesh
  • 2mm Wire
  • 11.75mm open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
St. James
st-james mesh

  • 2mm Wire 14(g)
  • 1.2mm open area
  • Stainless Steel only
cherwell mesh

  • Double crimped wire
    (also known as corrugated)
  • 3mm wire (10g) 16mm open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
sheephaven mesh

  • 5mm wire ( 5g)
  • 41mm Open area
  • High Tensile & Stainless Steel
comorant mesh

  • Lock Mesh
  • 1.8mm Wire 8mm Open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel
embassy mesh

  • A plain weave in 2.5mm (12g)
    11.2 open area
  • High Tensile or Stainless Steel