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Wire mesh products for equestrian, agricultural, and veterinary uses including stainless steel kennel door and gates as well as horticulture purposes, we stock a wide range here at Multimesh.

We manufacture a wide range of mesh products for various industries. Including kennel gates, doors for veterinary uses and kennel mesh. Also, mesh used for equestrianhorticulture and agricultural. Our manufactured wire mesh products use several types of materials. In addition, we can supply you with mesh that is cost effective, attractive and most importantly functional. Our mesh is also incredibly hygienic, high-tensile and is low-weight. Stainless steel mesh is an invaluable and indispensable resource within the farming, equestrian and veterinary industries. Also, we are able to produced replacement kennel doors to any specification.

The quality and integrity of our work means our British made products are in demand and in use across the globe. From the Cotswolds to the Canadian prairies. In addition, we manufacture and stock all year round. Therefore, this guarantees spare parts are available to coincide with any harvest season anywhere in the world.

agricultural wire mesh products

agricultural wire mesh products

We help the veterinary and agricultral industries make best use of stainless steel mesh and benefit from its versatility. We design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of items, including standard and bespoke designs, for instance:

  • Pet cages including kennel doors and gates
  • Combine harvester thresher screens
  • Hay racks and horse head guards
  • Gratings and grills
  • Storage racks
  • Gates

Combine harvester thresher screens

We manufacture a large range of new and replacement screens for the worldwide combine harvester market. As a result we can ensure the correct aperture for all your harvesting needs by using our in-house development team.

Hay racks and horse hay feeders

Our hay racks and horse hay feeders can be hooked over or mounted to walls. Also, they are made to measure to suit your needs.

Horse head guards

Horse head guards are produced to protect your horse, these are used in commercial or domestic environments.


Our wedge wire gratings perform extremely well in applications where accuracy and strength is needed. Also, wedge wire is also suitable for maintenance-free situations. In addition wedge wire is usually manufactured in stainless steel. Therefore, it’s a great asset for drainage areas to the farming industry.

Animal and pet cages / kennel door and gates

Animal cages / kennel doors and gates are made to measure. As a result they designed to uniquely fit your veterinary surgery or animal hospital. The cages are portable, in addition they can be bespoke made in stainless steel. Therefore, the wire size and dimensions are made to suit your specifications.

Agricultural wiremesh

We supply chicken wire netting, we also have a wide range of wire netting in stock which is galvanised and made from stainless steel in 30 metre rolls.


Multimesh have been a supplier to us for over 20 years, constantly delivering to the required schedule and quality. We look forward to the next 20 years of Multimesh being a valued supplier.
Julian Smith, Manufacturing Manager PMC Harvesters Limited