Autoclave Trays and Autoclave Baskets

Multimesh manufacture bespoke autoclave baskets (sterilisation baskets) and autoclave trays from woven wire mesh. An autoclave is a pressure chamber that is used to sterilise equipment and supplies. When autoclave baskets (sterilisation baskets) and autoclave trays are placed inside the autoclave they are exposed to high temperature steam. This high temperature is usually around 132 ˚C or 270 ˚F. They are left inside for about twenty minutes. Autoclaves, which are also known as steam sterilisers, are used for small to large scale applications. Therefore, this versatile system is used widely across a number of sectors. These include within the laboratory, scientific, veterinary, healthcare, dental, doctors, beautician, research, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Most people only think about steam autoclaves belonging in a hospital environment. However autoclave baskets and autoclave trays are just as important in the aerospace and automotive industries for part cleansing, in addition to many other sectors.

Similar to pressure cookers, steam steriliser autoclaves work quickly and effectively because of their high temperature. In addition, the machine’s temperature and unique shape makes it easier to hold the heat inside for much longer. The autoclave also does a great job of efficiently penetrating each piece of equipment.

The autoclave’s chambers are usually in the shape of a cylinder. This is because cylindrical profiles are more equipped to handle the high pressure that is needed for the sterilisation process to work. In conclusion, at Multimesh we manufacture many different types of autoclave baskets and trays to suit individual customers’ needs. In conclusion, if you need something to facilitate the cleaning of specific parts then please ask, there will be a solution.

Our sterilisation baskets are produced in stainless steel 304 or 316 grade, other materials are available on request. Not sure about your design? We offer a prototype service, meaning you can order one basket, approve the product, following approval, we will manufacture the remainder of your order. In addition, should you need to purchase large quantities or several different types of basket then we can arrange to visit and diagnose your specifications face to face.