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Weldmesh sheets and rolls – Multimesh have been manufacturing stainless steel weldmesh and welded wire mesh for over 60 years. Standard sizes held in stock.

Multimesh are weldmesh stockists. We have been a manufacturer of standard and bespoke weldmesh products since 1982. This makes us an experienced British manufacturer of excellent quality weldmesh products. Our weldmesh range includes weldmesh r​olls (usually 30 m) for those applications requiring very small apertures or fine wire. Welded mesh panels are available in a wide range of specifications and aperture/pitch sizes. Standard panel sizes are available as well as bespoke weld mesh screens up to 3 m L 2 m W.

Standard Stainless steel weldmesh

What is Weldmesh used for?

Weldmesh is widely used in domestic and commercial applications. In workshops, factories – for which numerous uses are achievable, as a security mesh i.e. window grilles, data protection, stained glass protection or as machinery guards. Also, warehouses extensively use welded mesh for racking and storing. In addition, it is also used extensively in gardens and for animal or bird care/containment. Weldmesh is commonly used in construction, civil engineering and transportation in addition to architectural mesh applications such as walkways, balustrades and cladding.


Most specifications are available in stainless steel types 304 and 316, the grade depends on how much corrosion resistance is required, for instance in coastal areas where a high salt environment is evident usually 316 is specified.  Our stainless steel wire is of the highest quality, which enables maximum strength and durability.  Stainless is used more and more for its qualities of hygiene and we are major suppliers to the chemical, pharmaceutical, health care, food, pollution control, electronics and building industries. We also supply stainless steel weld mesh products to the automobile industry including car grilles.

Weldmesh from stock

Stainless steel weld mesh is constructed using wire from less than 1 mm, right through to bar of 20 mm diameter. Some of the common sizes are listed below and are ex stock in 304 and 316 stainless steel. We can however, produce weldmesh panels in all 300 series grades of stainless steel, as well as nickel alloys.

If we haven’t listed below the size of stainless steel weldmesh you require please contact us as we can utilise our in-house jig making facilities to produce your specific requirements.


Stainless Steel Specifications and Weights
Panels 8’ x 4’ 2440mm x 1220mm Gauge Wire Diameter Grade
Imp Mesh Size Metric Mesh Size Imperial Metric Material
1” x 1” 25 x 25mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
1.5” x 1.5” 40 x 40mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
2” x 2” 50 x 50mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
3” x 0.5” 75 x 12mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
0.5” x 0.5” 12 x 12mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
Panels 6’ x 3’ 1830mm x 915mm Gauge Wire Diameter Grade
1” x 1” 25 x 25mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
2” x 2” 50 x 50mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
3” x 0.5” 75 x 12mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
0.5” x 0.5” 12 x 12mm 12g/10g 2.5/3mm S/S 304 316
Mesh Rolls 30M x 1.2M (98’ x 4’)
Imp Mesh Size Metric Mesh Size Gauge Wire Diameter Material
1” x 1” 25 x 25mm 16g 1.6mm S/S 304 316
0.5” x 0.5” 13 x 13mm 16g 1.6mm S/S 304 316
5/16” x 5/16” 8 x 8mm 19g 1mm S/S 304
0.25” x 0.25” 6 x 6mm 21g 0.8mm S/S 304

Weldmesh Panels

Multimesh is a time served leading manufacturer of welded mesh panels, offering a wide range of top quality panels. Above all, we don’t just produce regular sized panels as above but we also manufacture bespoke panels to individual customer requirements.

Providing many finishes for mild steel or stainless steel weldmesh, whether it be galvanised (MS)/plastic coated/pickled or polished. Fixings or lugs can be supplied to meet customer needs.

Our process involves design of a bespoke jig so whether your order is large or small it will be produced to your specific measurements offering you total peace of mind.

Here at Multimesh, stainless steel weldmesh is produced everyday to facilitate a wide range of uses including:-

The higher grade stainless steel in 316 lends itself perfectly to those applications requiring extra resistance and quality. Stainless steel 316 weldmesh is ideal for use on marine projects and is highly recommended for the healthcare and food industries.

Multimesh have a helpful sales team that can point you in the right direction, progress your order from stage one i.e. the pricing, through to development and manufacture.

Please call us and we will provide a competitive quotation and lead time. TEL: 01744 820666

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Cleanbake have had the pleasure of working alongside Multimesh for several years now. Nothing is too much trouble. We have worked on large short notice projects for blue chip clients delivering exceptional results and NPD small one off prototypes to similar customer satisfaction. Multimesh is 100% committed to delivering the objective set – working to intricate and simple customer briefs, solving problems on a daily basis rather than creating them…
a breath of fresh air.
Steven Eaton, Business Development Manager Cleanbake Ltd
We just received our mesh screens and wanted to thank you guys for doing a great job, your idea to support the smaller aperture screens with the larger 100mm aperture mesh works a treat.
Design Engineer, Process solutions manufacturer