Welded Wedge Wire

Wedge Wire is a welded steel structure, mainly used for filtration, separation and retention. It consists of surface profiles, usually V- triangular shape, tig welded onto support profiles.

V wire is used to construct a screen which is both robust and extremely accurate. Wedge wire is normally manufactured from stainless steel and it comes in various forms: flat panels, curved panels, segments or sections, to form floors i.e. for breweries, discs and drums for filtration, often in the food processing/washing industries, sugar industries and also in a cylindrical form known as ‘slotted tube filters’.

Wedge Wire performs extremely well in applications requiring accuracy as well as strength. It is suitable for maintenance-free situations and high-pressure applications. The possibilities are endless and it can be used for many different types of filtration, solid-liquid separation, coal, classification, dewatering, concentration, etc. regardless of industry or location. Our Wedge Wire is a multipurpose screen which is both tough, has huge clogging resistance, and is extremely durable.

Reinforcements can be added as required providing the strongest and most cost effective Welded Wedge Wire screen on the market. As well as the usual flat or curved screens, Welded Wedge Wire can be made into tubes and cylinders, with radial or straight slots. The screen surface can be on the inside or the outside of the cylinder, to give flow in to out, or out to in. Usually made in stainless steel grade AISI 316L, but other grades are available.

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Welded wedge wire 2

Wedge Wire-Profile Dimensions, Cross Rod Diameters and Pitch

Actual size of profile Section number Profile width Profile depth Min aperture ins. Max aperture mm
F. C. S. R. ins. mm ins. mm
23 0.076 1.93 0.121 3.07 0.125 1.5
25 0.085 2.17 0.125 3.17 0.125 1.5
28 0.092 2.33 0.150 3.83 0.125 1.75
32 0.105 2.66 0.170 4.32 0.20 2.00
33 0.109 2.77 0.177 4.50 0.20 2.00
35 0.114 2.90 0.185 4.70 0.50 2.50
39 0.129 3.28 0.209 5.31 0.5 3.00
42 0.138 3.50 0.225 5.72 0.5 4.00
Cross Rod Diameter and Pitch: 0.304” at 2.75” (7.72mm at 70mm)
Larger apertures maybe available – please call to discuss


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