Ultrasonic Decontamination Baskets for Aerospace and Ultrasonic Cleaning Industries

Multimesh UK specialises in the design and manufacture of custom made ultrasonic decontamination baskets for the aerospace and ultrasonic cleaning industries.

We specialise in ultrasonic cleaning baskets made from 100% high quality stainless steel. In addition, we take care to understand the nature of each component to be treated, this includes the equipment being used, and the techniques involved. We ensure every element of our design is tailored to our customers’ systems and standards. The intelligent design enables maximum load possible whilst still protecting and isolating individual components as necessary.

Industry Grade Custom Decontamination Wire Mesh Baskets

Multimesh UK manufacture industry grade custom wire mesh baskets as well as metal products for many different industries, our baskets are frequently used in a large range of ultrasonic cleaning systems to decontaminate as well as degrease many electronic parts. In addition, a large part of our production line consists of bespoke ultrasonic cleaning baskets. As a result, these are designed for a specific uses manufactured to our clients’ specifications using the highest grade materials available.

If you need a basket for part washing applications or handling small objects, then a mesh basket is an ideal product for you. We make hundreds of custom steel baskets and racks each week. Similarly, we meet our customers exacting needs in the pharmaceutical, defence, automotive and aerospace industries.

Wire mesh baskets allow for free flow of air and liquids through the basket’s open space. As a result, this makes them highly effective at allowing parts to dry after a wash cycle. Multimesh UK’s custom mesh baskets can be the perfect asset for your next project.

Applications of industry custom-made wire mesh cleaning baskets

  • Degreasing aerospace flap actuation gears
  • Washing industrial pump body parts and automotive exhaust manifolds
  • Parts sterilisation
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Degreasing automotive parts

Each basket order is carefully optimised to give you the best balance of form, function, utility and useful life. This ensures that your custom cleaning baskets will suit your needs and stand the test of time.

Cleaning Baskets can be produced with handles and lids for ease of use and safety. In addition, with the right materials, your baskets will last you for years or decades so that you only have to pay for them once instead of having to constantly replace. Finally, a wide range of finishes are available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Multimesh have recently completed a project for a stainless steel ultrasonic basket to the following specifications: 

 – Stainless steel 316 Ultrasonic basket (Self Colour)
– 0.5”x0.5” 16 G wire
– 4mm handles x 2
– Lid fixed & open cross design with chain mesh attached
– Outside strips

Multimesh UK specialise in the design and manufacture of custom made stainless steel wire ultrasonic decontamination baskets.

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Multimesh have been a supplier to us for over 20 years, constantly delivering to the required schedule and quality. We look forward to the next 20 years of Multimesh being a valued supplier.
Julian Smith, Manufacturing Manager PMC Harvesters Limited

Being a Precision Stamping Company for over 150 years turned to Multimesh in assistance with baskets for our Product Cleaning Line, Workmanship and Quality was of the highest standard made to our specific requirements

Helped our process double fold and turn up out put, look forward to working with Multi Mesh in the future

Dil Patel, Maintenance Engineer, C.Brandauer